Lihui Wang

Lihui Wang, PhD


PhD in Psychology, Peking University, Beijing, China, 2016

Thesis: Neurocognitive mechanism of reward modulation on attentional selection: enhanced perceptual salience and response tendency.


Research interests

Generally, I am interested in how past experience affects human cognition.  My current research focuses on how learning experience such as perceptual training and reward-associative training affects visual perception and inhibitory control.



Kang, G., Wang, L., & Zhou, X. (in press). Reward interacts with modality shift to reduce cross-modal conflict. Journal of Vision.

Wang, L., Yu, H., Hu, J., Theeuwes, J., Gong, X., Xiang, Y., Jiang, C., & Zhou, X. (2015). Reward breaks through center-surround inhibition via anterior insula. Human Brain Mapping, 36: 5233-5251.

Wang, L., Duan, Y., Theeuwes, J., & Zhou, X. (2014). Reward breaks through the inhibitory region around attentional focus. Journal of Vision, 14(12), 2, 1-7.

Wang, L., Yu, H., & Zhou, X. (2013). Interaction between value and perceptual salience in value-driven attentional capture. Journal of Vision, 13(3), 5, 1-13.

Wang, L., Yue, Z., & Chen, Q. (2012). Cross-modal nonspatial repetition inhibition. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics74(5), 867-78.

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